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Avatar: The Legend of Korra | Book 3 - Change |

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¿Me sigues de vuelta?♥



Avatar Fighting Style #307

Earthquake Launch


Happy Mother’s Day!


Aang learned his native element, air, from a friend of the previous avatar(Gyatso) then his final element, fire, from a descendant of the previous avatar(Zuko, great-grandson). Korra learned her native element, water, from a friend of the previous avatar(Katara) and then her final element from a descendant of the previous avatar(Tenzin, son). So basically, avatars learning their native element from a friend of the last avatar and their final from a descendant. 

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The Avatar~ The Avatar State

Waterbenders~ Bloodbending

Earthbenders~ Metalbending

Firebenders~ Lightning

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All right, Team Avatar is back!

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